Wholesale in Games, Toys & Sports 

   For 40 years Engelhart has been successful as a wholesaler, importer and distributor of games, toys and sport-articles.
 In these years Engelhart has built up an extensive network in and outside of the Netherlands for you to enjoy.
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Wholesale in Toys 

Our assortment in toys entertains both young and old. 
With toys of different brands we make sure to have a divers assortment and we are always anticipating the last trends. 
Brands you can order here are:

Angel Toys 
Our own toy-brand which we are always expanding as a result of the last trends!

I’m Toy
High quality wooden toys from Thailand for both babies and toddlers!

Weible Knet
Producer of clay for more then 100 years!

For more information about our wholesale in toys, go to our the collection page.


Wholesale in Darts 

One of our specialisations is the rapidly emerging sport darts. 
We have been a leader in the dart world for over 25 years and see to our own satisfaction a strongly increasing line. In order to provide this we have several big brands:

 Longfield Darts
Since 2 years our own darts label with products in every price category!

World leader in Darts!

The brand on which world champion Michael van Gerwen relies!

Top quality dartboards!

For more information about our wholesale in dart products, go to the  collection page


Wholesale in Sports

 Within our sport-articles you can find a large variety of sports. We deliver with our own brand Angel Sports products for table-tennis, hockey, base- and softball, football, basketball, box, beach-ball, badminton and tennis. Within each of these sports, you can find a wide assortment to fulfil your wishes.

Alongside our own brand we deliver, especially for the table-tennis lover, the absolute top brand Cornilleau. With professional table-tennis tables, batjes and accessorises Cornilleau makes sure that you are provided with the best products.

For more information about our wholesale in sports-articles go to the collection page.

Wholesale in Games

 Traditional and new party games are hip and because of that, we have a large variety hereof. Engelhart has different games for both indoors and outdoors.

Under our own label Longfield Games we deliver chess- and checker games, both traditional as for on the road, you can complete it with a chess clock from the brand DGT Digital. Further under Longfield Games among other things are: Domino, Dice games, Poker, Mahjong, Backgammon, Bingo, Roulette en divers other card games.

The Swedish Bex has a refreshing look on outdoor games and is partly because of this our partner. With the wildly popular game KUBB this brand has put itself on the map, but Bex definitely has more to offer.

For more information about our wholesale in games go to the collection page.